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30 October
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A man walks down the street, slightly hunched at the sholders which he is constantly trying to correct. Upon seeing him an initial reaction is that he is very unassuming and average, the black pants and green button up shirt don't do much to make him stand out of a crowd.

He approachs the entrance to The Park Tavern, licks his lips and heads on in to wet his whistle. The waiters, watiresses and bar tenders seem to know him well and before he even sits down his drink order for a Grey Goose Gimlet has already been put into the system and will be up shortly.

Before long a girl with brown, shoulder length hair comes into the bar. She sits next to him in the booth and together they start a conversation about the brain and it's curious inter-workings. Shortly thereafter a tall, man with short blond hair enters the bar, sits down and they all do a round of shots....